12 Awesome Advent Calendar Ideas


Often the build up to something is almost as exciting as the actual event! That’s how I feel about Christmas and Advent Calendars. It’s like a little bit of Christmas for a whole month.

Here are 12 awesome advent calendar ideas to help your family get into the spirit of Christmas:

1. Muffin Pan Surprises

Fill a muffin pan with little surprises and cover over with numbered circle cards. These can be stuck on with either double-sided tape or mini magnets. (Found on parents.com)

2. Santa’s Beard

I love this one! Print off a picture of Santa and then each day glue a cotton wool ball on to his beard. When his beard is full, it’s time for Santa to arrive! (Found on tomfo.com) Download your version here.

3. Toilet Roll Countdown

Make your own countdown by covering and filling empty toilet rolls. (Found on daisydayz.hubpages.com)

4. Easy Peg Wreath

Make this easy peg wreath and then simply remove a peg each day until Christmas! (Found on semidelicatebalance.com)

5. Santa’s Beard Trim

Another idea involving Santa’s beard – although this time instead of adding to it you’re going to trim it each day! What a simple and cute idea.

6. Paper Bag Magic

The minimalist in me loves the simplicity of this one. Number paper bags and fill them with goodies. Hang them along some string either with tape or pegs. (Found on lilieslattesandlace.com)

7. Paper Chain Love

This one is easy to personalise for your family. Write out an activity or RAOK to do for each day in the lead up to Christmas. Put it all together as a paper chain and then remove one each day until Christmas. (Found on activitiesforkids.com).

8. Branch Out

Fill little bags, boxes or envelopes with goodies and tie them up with ribbon to a branch. (Found on godegrunner.blogspot.fr)

9. Noodle Box Noel

Number and stack noodle boxes. Fill with anything you like from lollies to lego pieces! (found at Studio DIY)

10. Wrap Books You Already Own

Wrap up 24 of your kids’ favourite story books and then open and read one to them each day. Throw in a few ‘Christmassy’ ones into the mix, if you have any. This is an educational advent… (Found on Katherine Maries).

11. Peg Packages

Glue some pegs along a piece of board and number them 1-24. Clip on little Christmas parcels. You can jazz up your pegs with either ribbon, washi tape or paint. (Found on norskeinteriorblogger.blogspot.com)

12. Brilliant Buckets

You can find similar buckets to these at most bargain shops. Number them and hang them to a sturdy piece of board. These are also easy to fill. (Found at Infarrantly Creative).

So, hopefully there is an idea above that tickled your fancy and you can use for your family this Christmas.






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