12 New Easter Gift Ideas For Teachers Or Classmates



If you’re in the habit of giving your Teachers or Classmates a little gift to celebrate Easter, it’s time to hop to it!

Below are 12 fun gift ideas for you to consider:

Carrot Bubble Wands

How gorgeous are these? AND what do bunnies love the most? CARROTS!

If you like you could add a swing tag along the lines of….“Crunch, crunch…thanks a bunch!”

(The bubble wands are from Kmart for $0.75 each and we just added on some green ribbon).

Bunny Pens

Practical and cute – these bunny pens are a perfect size for little hands but are equally as good for your Teacher to carry with them in their bag.. They are a handy, hoppy pen pal!

(We found these at Mr Toys Toyworld for $4.99 each).

Chick & Her Eggs

This fun wind-up fluffy chicken hops along the bench and couples nicely with a few chocolate eggs!

(We found this fluffy yellow chick at Woolworths for $3).

Easter Tea Towel

Possibly not a winner as a classmate’s present but definitely a winner with your Teacher who could either use it at home on in the classroom.

(These are available at Bed Bath & Table for $7.95 each).

Rabbit Stick-It Note Block

How gorgeous is this note block? Your Teacher can have it on their desk all year round or friends can use it to write nice notes to each other.

(We found this beauty at Officeworks for $5.97).

Easter Cookie Cutter

Cookie cutters are always useful whether you are baking a batch of biscuits or cutting out their sandwiches with them!

(These are readily available at kitchen shops).

Bunny Hair Clip

This is a favourite – cute and practical for that special little girl in your life. Complete with small pom pom tail, these bunnies are the best. Available in grey or white felt.

(This hairclip is available at Country Road for $7.95).

Bunny Sharpener

Again, a practical option that will be used over and over again. Good for either Teacher or classmate. As you sharpen the pencil the bunny’s teeth go up and down!!

(We found these at Officeworks for $2.78 each).

Bouncy Egg (You’re a good Egg!)

These are fun and easy to trick someone with! These pretend eggs look so realistic but are actually bouncy. Your Teacher or classmate could trick others easily with these beauties.

(Available at Mr Toys Toyworld for $2.99 each).

Lolly Jar

Who doesn’t love a bit of chocolate goodness at this time of year. Fill one of these gorgeous bunny jars with eggs and voila – you have a perfect Easter gift!

(All currently available at Woolworths).

Peter Rabbit Figurines

Peter Rabbit is popular at any time of the year, but especially Easter! These mini figurines are particularly great for the younger grades.

(They are available online through ABC Shops).

Moss Bunny

Too adorable not to take home, the moss bunnies are quickly becoming an Easter favourite! A Teacher would love this to either decorate their classroom or home.

(Currently, these little guys are only $5 at Woolworths).

We trust the above ideas have given you some inspiration for your Easter gift giving!



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