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I love a good countdown to something exciting, whether it be a holiday, a birthday OR even better, Christmas! The term “advent” is a version of the Latin word meaning “coming”. Something exciting is coming….!!   Advent Calendars also serve as a good visual aid for younger kids to be able to see how many days are left until that magical day.

Below are 5 Advent Countdown Ideas:

1. Wrap Your Books

This one is easy to do and you already have the resources. Wrap up 24 kids books you already own and unwrap one each night to read to them before bed. Adding in some Christmas ones would be ideal. If you are after some inspiration you can click here for 15 Of Our Favourite Christmas Books For Kids list.

2. Reverse Advent

The joy is in the giving and this is a perfect way to cement that sentiment into your family life. Each day between 1 December and Christmas Eve, place 1 non-perishable item in a basket at your home. On Christmas Eve take the kids with you to deliver this to a local charity.

3. Basket of Baubles

Again, a simple idea, have a basket full of baubles and each day the kids can place 1 bauble onto your Christmas Tree – by Christmas Eve your tree will be looking AMAZING!!

4. Santa’s Beard

I love this one. Every day you get to trim a bit off Santa’s beard – it is simple & fun!

5. Enjoy Activities Together To Get In The Christmas Spirit

For each day of December plan an activity together. It can be as simple as having breakfast together, or going for a night walk after dinner. We have put together a free printable of  24 Activities To Do With Your Family in the lead up to Christmas.

The countdown is on! It’s the most wonderful time of the year.






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