5 Fun Ideas To Show Love This Valentines Day To Your Kids


Love is in the air! Valentines Day is just around the corner and it’s fun to share the love just a little bit bigger on this day!

Set out below are 5 simple ideas of things you could do with the kids:

1. Love Wreath

These are super easy to make and look just gorgeous. Simply inflate your ‘love’ balloon (available at Woolworths at the moment for $5) and fasten it to the inside of a hula hoop. Display it in your home or on the front door for the day.

2. Bookmark

Here is something sentimental but practical that your kids will no doubt use again and again and be reminded of your love for them. We have put together 3 FREE printable bookmarks for you to choose from and use. Simply print them out and laminate them (if you can). Voila!

3. Heart Cut Outs

I’m talking go crazy with heart cut outs. You will need a piece of cardstock, a heart template, scissors and a pen. Pop them everywhere….in their lunchbox, in their room, on their bedroom door, in the car etc. Write on them things you love and admire about them.  For example, “I love your determination” or “I love how loyal and honest you are”.

4. Fruit Hearts

What says love more than a love heart fruit cut out?  😉 You can have them in a bowl, in their school lunch or lined up on a skewer for afternoon tea.

5. Threaded Heart

These are really lovely and you can either make it into a card or put it in a photo frame.

You will need;
heart template (I’ve used a cookie cutter here)
hole punch

Trace around your love heart template on the card. Follow around your outline with a hole punch. Attached some string to the inside of the card and start threading..

We hope the above has given you some inspiration for Valentines Day.








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