7 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day Under $4



For reasons unknown, a friend & I stuck up our hands to run our school’s Mother’s Day Stall this year. At first it was a little daunting, but now that we are in the swing of it, we can hardly wait for it to arrive. It has really been quite enjoyable.

We have decided to call it the Mothers & Treasured Others Day stall to cover all the different relationships children celebrate on this day. Whether it be Mum, Step-Mum, Grandma, Nonna, Aunty etc.

We have sourced a variety of gifts but here are 7 simple ideas that we are using that are all under $5.

Photo Frame & Print – $4.00

This is one of our favourites and we think it will also be a hit with the kids. The photo frame is $2 from Kmart and we have inserted gorgeous Mother’s Day cards sourced from our local bargain shop for $2. This way the recipient can choose to either keep the print in it or use one of their own photos. Here it is pictured with 3 variations of cards.


Gardening Gloves & Seeds – $4.00

For the green thumb recipient – we found these gorgeous gardening gloves at the bargain shop for $2 and then bought some seeds from Kmart for $2. We are having a variety of vegetable & flower seeds.


Journals & Pencils – $3.40

Because you can never have too many notepads & journals to jot down your lists, ideas and dreams – right?! haha  The journals are from Kmart for $3 and the pencils are also sourced from Kmart and work out to be $0.20 each.


Nail Time – $3.40

This is a beautiful, simple pack when put together. We have included a nail file & toe separators which were $3 from the bargain shop and 2 mini nail polishes from Kmart which are $0.20 each.


Succulents – $4

It is always nice to give a living present. These hardy and stunning succulents are the perfect gift for someone to put up on their window sill at home. These were $4 each and we have wrapped them in brown paper & twine.


Shopping List w. Pencil & Chocolate – $2.50

Something practical but beautiful all the same. A notepad/shopping list that has a magnet on the back to stick to the fridge door, a pencil and chocolate. These were sourced from our Bargain Shop – $2 for the notepad and $0.50 for chocolate.


Mug with chocolate, tea & coffee – $3.50

Because it just wouldn’t be a Mother’s Day Stall without a mug! We have purchased these gorgeous pastel trim mugs from Kmart and have inserted a chocolate, tea bag and coffee satchel for the recipient to enjoy a bit of down time. This was all purchased at Kmart and works out to be $3.50.


Hopefully there is some inspiration for you above to either buy a gift for the special lady in your life or to leave on your computer screen for the kids to see!

Happy Mother’s Day to our School Mums!






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