Santa Just Ruined My Christmas!


My youngest daughter thinks Santa brings her presents at Christmas including the whole reindeer and sleigh routine. It’s not something we have actively encouraged, nor discouraged. She is young and why not believe in a little magic while she can 🙂

We walk a fine line of not lying but also not destroying the idea too crudely. So when she presented me with a Santa wishlist this year with beautiful drawings and gorgeously misspelt labels, I gave the usual adoring praise … that was until I saw the first item.

A puppy! Whoa … Santa can’t bring puppies. Time for a talk. In a careful 10 minutes I explained that puppies grow to be dogs and dogs live for 10+ years and that dogs require a lot of care and attention and expense! I emphasised that regardless of how naughty or nice that you had been, getting a pet was a really important decision for a whole family to make. Santa couldn’t decide for us and I even backed it up with a few practical reasons that it wouldn’t be right for us … no fence, lots of travel etc

I was brilliant! In 10 minutes I had her agreeing with the decision, thinking it was her own and completely ready to move on to choice number 2. One of my finest parenting moments I thought … until today!

Today we went to Woolworths to grab some bread rolls and as we scaled the escalator I heard a familiar bell ringing. Of course … Santa would be there for the overly expensive photo opportunity and we could not avoid a ‘sitting’.

It all started well and i was blissfully unaware of my fate. “Hello little girl. What would you like for Christmas?” he asked.

Yep you guessed it … a puppy.

Santa must have missed the both the memo and my Oscar winning monologue from 2 weeks earlier. He said “Sure!”.

So now I have to get even more creative to explain to miss 6 why Santa won’t be bringing a puppy and how I was wrong thinking that he couldn’t. I’m thinking of playing a defence that it was only one of Santa’s helpers and he was just mistaken … what do you think?

I need advice haha




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  1. Get her a make your own puppy craft kit or something similar… soft toy dog, robopet or whatever and tell her Santa thought that’s what she meant as she knows Santa would never give away living beings as presents especially since the elves can’t make puppies (I hope lol) 🙂

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