6 Simple Valentines Day Ideas For The Kids


Valentines Day is a chance to tell those you love that you love them! This includes the kiddos too.

Here are 6 simple ways to make Valentines Day special for your kids this year.

Heart Envelopes

Send your kids a little message and enclose it in one of these gorgeous Heart Envelopes.  All you need is a cut out of a love heart.

heart 1 heart 2heart 3 heart 4

You can include these in their lunchboxes or pop them in the letterbox for them to find. We have some groovy lunchbox love notes here that you can easily print out and include.

heart 6

The Heart Envelopes also work well if your child would like to give out a few valentine notes to their friends and classmates.

heart 5

Heart Chocolates

These are always a favourite and you can either include them in their lunchbox as a little treat or leave one on their pillow with a note.


Bubble Wand

This is a fun idea that is simple and inexpensive. Give them a bubble wand with a note that says “You make my heart BUBBLE over with happiness”.



This one is easy to do. Add 5 jaffas to a small zip lock bag and add this “I Think You’re AMAZEBALLS”  topper.


Heart Garland

This is one you can either make for your kids or get them to make it to decorate the house this Valentines Day. Simply cut out heart shapes (any size and colour), hole punch them and thread them along some twine.


Banana Love

You can write “I’m bananas for you!” on the outside of their banana.

Tell your little ones that you love them on this special day.

Happy Valentines Day!




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