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This post is Sponsored by Westpac, who’s proud to offer Mathspace Essentials free for kids in Australia 

I am not sure if being good at Math or English runs in families but if it does I know my family is a math family.  Math is something that we have all enjoyed on some level throughout our lives but not in a sit down and do a math test kind of way.

When I was a kid growing up my parents were very intentional when it came to teaching us about money and how to save and what things cost and I wonder if that was all a part of our love of math because what kid doesn’t love the idea of having money haha.

My dad owned his own business when I was growing up and was always in charge of the financial side of the operation.  My older sister ended up being an accountant, my sister-in-law works for one of Australia’s top banks in senior management and I guess I run my own business also and am doing math every day because I learnt that it was about more than just finance and budgeting it was all through my life and work.

My husband is a year 5 school teacher and he often comments that parents come to him feeling quite confused about their child’s math.  The way they teach math these days is quite different to how we learnt, so when you are helping your kids out with their homework it can be challenging for parents to get their head around how to best help them. Westpac recently conducted a numeracy study and found that 49% of parents are concerned that their lack of maths skills will have a negative impact on their children.

Now that we are talking numbers, did you know that 75% of the fastest growing occupations require math and science knowledge (source: PWC report).  Their research also tells us that the number of students doing no maths in HSC has tripled in the past 10 years.  Those 2 pieces of information side by side are a little scary.

Math is so fundamental to future employment opportunities for our kids that it is worth putting in the extra effort to give our kids the best chance possible.  When I was recently introduced to the online Mathspace I was immediately interested in finding out more.

Mathspace Essentials is an online interactive maths program which can be used across any device. All you need to do is have internet access, an email address and create a password to sign up.  Mathspace covers students from Year 3 to Year 12.

There are 2 levels of usage that you can sign up for via Mathspace and I am going to tell you about how both of those levels work below.

Westpac have come together with Mathspace as a way of helping the next generation of kids in Australia know their numbers by offering Mathspace Essentials for free. All you need is internet access. The goal is to help the next generation become more numerically and financially literate and to help prepare them for the jobs of the future.

When you sign up to Mathspace Essentials, it asks you to select a relevant curriculum for your child. It begins at Year 3 and goes up to Year 12.

Here is a screenshot of what you will find when you sign up to Mathspace Essentials and some of the great resources your child can access. Also just to note, this screenshot is from the Year 5 curriculum.

Each one of the above sections has its own interactive teaching components that your child can do to help them with their math.  Below is an example of the fractions module and what you will find in that section.

And this is what a small portion of what a chapter looks like showing the area of a circle.

Once you have had a play around with Mathspace Essentials and found it is something that really helps support your child with their math, it is worth checking out Mathspace Plus.



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