DIY Easy Sight Word Activities



With an eager 5 year old in the house we have once again hit the sight words stage at school and so we have tried to come up with a few simple and cheap activities to keep it interesting.

Sight words are all about practice and repetition but that gets boring pretty quick. Many people use flash cards and you can buy activities but we just make a few and they cost nothing.

Each week we print a table of the words out and then write the words onto some recycled objects like bottle lids, pegs etc. The child then looks at each lid, says the word out lout and then matches it to the corresponding work on the paper.

P1010008 P1010009

It’s ridiculously simple but it keeps it interesting and we vary the process a little each week to make it feel a bit different.


We have a lot more sight word ideas on another post here too.



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