Finding Kids Audio Stories To Expand Imagination


We are used to watching stories …. on TV, YouTube and all types of screens but there is something awesome about having to use your imagination to paint the scenes and action.

Reading is perhaps the ultimate but before kids can read themselves, that can mean someone having to read to them. I’ve always liked to have some audio stories for the children to listen to on the computer, stereo or MP3 player for times when I am not available.

Here are some easy ways to do it.


There are heaps of audio stories on YouTube … they are videos and sometimes even animated but I prefer to not let the kids watch …. turn off the screen and make them listen and imagine!

Just search one by one or find a great channel with lots of them

Download From Websites

There are stacks of websites but just make sure you check the stories … some have really original but odd stories.

Play From Website

Another style of website plays stories read by celebrity narrators and you can simply play them from the page to the children.


Libraries often have MP3 and CD versions of longer books on audio. They also may have a free access to other online story systems like Tumble Books which offer online versions of audiobooks too.

Buy Online

You can obviously buy the top quality audiobooks too and for the longer books I have done that.

Search them out and give your kids hours of enjoyment that stretches their imagination and sharpens their listening skills.



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