One Simple Way To Help Your Child Understand Division in Math


Math is such a fundamental skill in life and being able to do the basics is essential.

Learning to divide is a math skill that will not only come in handy during math class, it’ll be useful later on in life when baking or dividing up the bill. You can help your child get a jump on division early with this engaging math game!

What You Need:

  • Scissors
  • Construction paper
  • Black marker

What You Do:

  1. Encourage your child to fold the sheet of construction paper in half.
  2. Then, using the black marker, have them draw nine lines on the front of the folded over paper, separating it into 10 different sections.
  3. Have your child use the scissors to carefully cut along the lines they made in the previous step. These will be the game cards.
  4. Then, using the black marker, have them write the numbers 10-100, by tens, on the front of every card (one number per card). For example, on the first card, you write 10, on the next card, write 20, and write 30 on the one after that. Keep making cards until you reach 100.
  5. Then, take over duties by opening each card. On the inside, write the answer by dividing the number on the outside by two. For instance, on the inside of the 10 card, write five. On the inside of the 30 card, write 15.
  6. Next, have your child shuffle the cards together.
  7. To start playing, they should flip over the top card of the deck.
  8. Then, they have 5 seconds to divide the number on the front of the card by two.
  9. Once they guess, they should open the card and see if she got the answer right.
  10. If they are correct, let them set the card to the side.
  11. To win, they must successfully make their way through each and every card.



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