The 6 Best Puberty Books for Boys


I think it must be something about being a woman, but I feel pretty prepared when it comes to talking to my girls about puberty and sex. I’m a girl. I know what it’s like. How hard could it be?

But boys are a whole other breed. I don’t even really understand what’s going on there myself to be able to explain it to my son, so I’ve brought in the big guns and found the best books on boys’ puberty I could find to help me along the way.

I’ll be reading these before I hand them over to my son, so I can be prepared for any questions he throws at me!

Secret Men’s Business by John Marsden

Beloved Australian writer John Marsden is for boys who are about to become men. Secret Men’s Business talks all about what makes the foundations of a good man – something we all want for our sons.

Buy Secret Men’s Business here.

The “What’s Happening to my Body” book for boys by Lynda Madaras

Lynda Madaras is the author of several growing up guides, loved by parents, teachers, librarians, doctors and kids. What’s happening to my body explains the bodily changes boys go through, as well as sexual feelings, and what girls are going through too. Great for ages 10 and up.

Buy What’s Happening to My Body here.

What’s happening to me? (Boy) by Alex Frith

What’s happening to me is a sensitive and detailed guide to male puberty – with great advice for boys and their parents on how to tackle physical and emotional issues.

Buy What’s Happening to Me here. 

Dating and Sex: a guide for the 21st Century teen boy by Andrew P Smiler

An awesome, easy-to-read, funny and insightful book aimed squarely at boys who want to get themselves ready for the world of dating, relationships and sex. It’s pretty much a how-to guide to becoming a responsible sexual being. Not something us parents want to think too much about, but such an important conversation to be had.

Buy Dating and Sex here.

The S word: a boy’s guide to sex, puberty and growing up by Roy James

Roy James offers a fun and humorous guide to sex, puberty and relationships in his book The S Word. He says that growing up is tough – especially the bit between being a boy and being a man. And this book will be your son’s constant companion, full of helpful advice and info, all presented in a friendly and approachable way.

Buy The S Word here.

The teenage guy’s survival guide by Jeremy Daldry

Practical advice on everything from dating, kissing and shaving, to moods, peer pressure and partying – plus a whole lot of laughs. The Teenage Guy’s Survival Guide offers the real deal on what is going on with girls, body hair, voice changes, break ups, and who to talk to about sensitive stuff.

Buy The Teenage Guy’s Survival Guide here.





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