Brain Excercises (Part 2)


Our brain needs to be stimulated and exercised to maintain and improve brain function. Brain exercises help to stimulate different areas of the brain and help the brain to function calmly.

Further to my first blog on the brain exercise called, The Cross Crawl, I would like to introduce you to another brain exercise called Brain Buttons.

Brain exercises are effective in helping children with their learning. These exercises are equally effective in adults and in maintaining brain health and brain function. If we do not use our brains then we will lose its ability to do things.

brain-buttonsBrain Buttons require you to hold one hand on your belly button and the other rubbing your sternum (see image).

Brain Buttons also stimulates the left and right side of the brain. It helps with brain fog and feeling tired, allowing children to be focused in the classroom. It is excellent for developing a healthy use of both eyes while reading and also helps children not to lose their place or skip words.

During this exercise you hold one hand still on your belly button and make a U shape with your forefinger and thumb on the opposite hand. With this U shape you rub just under your collarbone to each side of the sternum. Rub for 20-30 seconds and whilst rubbing move both your eyes from the left to the right. Swap hands and repeat this exercise.

This is also great for adults, so practice it with your children every day before your Cross Crawl exercise!

Written By Debbie Rossi

Speaker, author of Beyond the Schoolyard and owner of a successful Kinesiology business, Debbie Rossi is passionate about helping other families to not go through the bullying which she experienced as a child. It is all about creating happy, secure and confident Mums and children.

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