This Is How You Cancel Out Calories By Doing Nothing … I Kid You Not

Everyone aspires to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat less, exercise more and floss daily.
Generally, being healthy requires a great deal of effort. Meal planning, gym workouts, calorie counting, it all gets a bit tedious.
If only there was a way to achieve peak physical fitness by doing nothing at all.
What if I told you that taking a bath can actually burn some calories. Who would have thunk it? A smart guy called Steve Faulkner (ph.D Exercise Physiologist) that’s who.
Dr. Faulkner of Loughborogh University conducted a study with 14 male volunteers. He compared the amount of calories burned during a one-hour hot bath (40 degrees Celsius) to an hour-long bike ride.
Ok, so the bike ride burned way more calories BUT the bubbly soak was equal to a half hour walk.
On average, they found a total of 126 calories burned. Let’s look at 126 calories in real terms:
· Bottle of craft beer
· ½ a slice of a super supreme pizza
· 4 mouthfuls of a chicken burger
· A forkful of a chocolate brownie
· Or a full glass of red wine!
Hold on to your love handles, it gets better. This luxurious soak can also improve your blood sugar level.
‘We discovered the participants who bathed had, on average, 10 per cent lower peak glucose levels in comparison to the exercise, which was completely unexpected,’ Dr Faulkner said.
‘The amount our blood sugar rises after a meal is one of the risk markers for things like developing type 2 diabetes, so keeping it down can be good for our health.’
Wrinkly fingers aside, some steamy tub time is way more appealing than hitting the pavement for half hour. Not mention, a whole lot easier. It requires zero physical exertion and very little preparation.
Follow these simple steps to achieve a slimmer, happier you:
1. Run the bath
2. Get excited that this is the only ‘running’ you have to do
3. Pour yourself a glass of wine (you’ll burn this off by the time you’re done)
4. Grab a good book
5. Soak away those pesky calories
Disclaimer: I studied a Bachelor of Arts at university and don’t have the most basic understanding of human anatomy. I struggle with grade 5 level maths and can’t comprehend any kind of science. For any advice pertaining to your health, consult with a trained medical professional and take my words with a grain of salt.



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