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For years, coffee was a major food group in my life. No day could start until I had my first cup of coffee, and I would usually take a couple more before my work day was done and I returned home for the day.

I blamed having three kids. And work stress. And life.

Not to mention, I love the taste of coffee. I mean, come on, it’s delicious. And it’s a legal little high you can fit into your day.

Now I limit myself to decaf, which some days makes me sad, but most days keeps me less jittery and anxious. But now that I know what coffee does to your body, I’m seriously considering getting back in the game.

If you’ve ever wondered what that delicious warm beverage is doing to you as it hits your system, wonder no more. And now your next double shot latte is totally justified.

First 10 minutes
This is all it takes for the caffeine to reach your bloodstream. Your blood pressure and heart rate start to go up.

After 20 minutes
You’ll feel more focused and alert. You’ll be making great decisions and handling problems with aplomb. And the caffeine will have reached your brain’s adenosine receptors so you’ll be less tired. Wooooo!

After 30 minutes
Your body is producing more adrenaline now, possibly leading you to have better vision as your pupils dilate.

After 40 minutes
You are in a purple patch now, my friend! Your serotonin has risen, which increases your muscle strength by improving the function of your motor neurons. If anyone needs a car lifted off them, or the lid taken off a jar of salsa, now is the time.

After 4 hours
This drink is the gift that keeps on giving. Your body could be breaking down fats right now, even if you’re just sitting on your couch. That’s because coffee can increase the rate at which your cells release energy. The caffeine will also be increasing the production of stomach acids, helping you break down your food more effectively.

After 6 hours
Long after the buzz has left your body, the coffee is having a diuretic effect on your body. Your body loses water, but also vitamins and minerals. Some people can have issues with their calcium levels if they drink too much coffee.

So now you know!



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