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Growing up sport was a big part of my family’s life.  Funnily enough we didn’t watch a lot of sport on TV, but maybe that was because we were too busy playing it. 

Swimming, tennis, softball, netball, soccer and athletics we did it all.  I never once heard my mother complain about all the driving (and sometimes even flying) around she did for us to get to our next game or meet.  I guess she always thought it was better for us to be busy playing sport than getting up to mischief haha … and she was probably right.

Ever since having my own kids, both hubby and I have been keen to get our kids interested in playing some kind of sport.  As parents we have some of our own ideas of sports we might like our kids to play, however we have learnt that if they don’t love it, then it’s not really a good time for anyone.

Our kids often participate in sport in the afternoons or on the weekends so it’s something that we like to all get involved with.  Family time can be hard to find these days so sport is one way we try to connect with our kids.

Finding a sport that my eldest daughter loved was not easy. Most sports came naturally to me as a child, so I just assumed that would be the case for her.  She didn’t have any interest in team sports and we didn’t want to push that. But she was a super energetic child who seemed to always be on the move, so as she got older we started trying out different things.

Like most 5-year-old girls she had dreams of being a ballerina, however after one term of that, she wasn’t so keen to continue. Hubby and I agree that we would never make our children do anything they didn’t enjoy after giving it a good go, however they had to finish the full term before they tried something new.

We knew it was really important that they find something they love and not just something that we want them to love.  Over the next few years that meant gymnastics lessons, jazz dance lessons, ice skating lessons, and circus lessons until finally we stumbled upon trampolining.  They are all very random, but our eldest daughter often does things a little outside the box.

She is now 9 years old and has just been invited to compete in her first trampolining competition.  She is SOOOOO excited (that may have a little to do with needing to buy a new leotard haha).  We’ve loved watching her blossom in her love of all things trampolining.  Even though it is an individual sport, she trains with a small group of other children on a Saturday morning which is really great for her socially.

We also have a trampoline in our backyard at home which has been an amazing connector for our family.  Mornings, afternoons and evenings someone is on our trampoline; dad after work with the kids, the girls attempting one handed cartwheels, or in the case of Ellis, our 2-year-old son, kicking balls back and forth having no idea mummy is actually using it as a backyard playpen.

Thanks God for balls and trampolines … only 15 mins to nap time ???????

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I don’t know if this trampolining thing will be forever, however for now she loves it, and as a family we all actually love it, so we are going to keep on bouncing.

Bupa Australia have helped us to put this post together, because they are big supporters of families staying connected through sport. Sport is a great way for families to learn to connect and listen and work together to overcome obstacles which ultimately helps make them happier and healthier.


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