One Unexpected Thing I Will Never Forget After Having My First Baby …


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I remember so clearly when I had my first baby. For me it all happened so fast, I had a 5 hour labour and there she was. It was so quick there was no real time to feel, it was all action.

I remember for the first few days and even weeks just looking at my new baby and not feeling much; I mostly just focused on trying to keep her alive and work out all the feeding and sleeping and bathing and changing. It was all new territory and I had no idea what I was doing.

For those first few weeks I quietly worried that there might be something wrong with me. All of the stories I had heard in the past about people meeting their babies for the first time and falling in love right then and there but this wasn’t my story. I was lucky enough to have an amazing midwife (who was also my friend) at the birth of my first child.

Her love and encouragement and support of me as a patient, and a friend, over the coming weeks, months and years was one of the things that made me feel like I was normal and it was ok.

We’ve been working on a project with Bupa Australia trying to find out how to best help mums with new bubs …

We asked on our Facebook page: If there was one person you would thank for helping you when you had your first baby who would it be and how did they help?

As I was reading through the comments there were tears in my eyes. I know how much I needed love and support when I had my babies. Getting the chance to read so many other stories of amazing love and support made my heart sing.

We decided to put together a little video of some of the beautiful stories you shared on the Facebook page.

Did you know that the first 1000 days (pregnancy to 2 years old), is a key time in our children’s development, but can also be a very challenging time for parents. In general as humans I think we find it difficult to ask for help because we want to appear to be strong and have it all together. I know for me in those early days I found it hard to be honest about how I was feeling about my baby but luckily I had a midwife and a friend who was experienced enough to ask good questions..

I guess I am at a point in my life now that it’s time to pay it forward. I have 3 kids and anytime there is mention of a fourth I find myself launching forward and throwing my hand up across my body and yelling “No Deal”! I had some amazing support from my friends and family when my babies were little (and even now as they are growing older) and without that support I know I would not be the parent I am today.

So my question to you is … Will you join the Nightwatchmen? As a community we need to form a support team around new parents, make sure they are doing ok and help them out in any way we can..


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