9 Things To Keep In Mind When Talking To Your Kids About Naplan


From School Mums and Dads who have been there and done that here are 9 things to think about when talking to your kids about Naplan if they are feeling stressed about it.

Chantal – Do nothing, don’t draw attention to it. It’s like any other day in the classroom!

Emma – There is no real talk of naplan in this house- my kids take part, I am interested to see their results & see value in the process. There needs to be a national test to see if all children Australia wide are grasping concepts at each stage and I don’t see why this is a problem. I tell my children the test is to see if they are learning what they are supposed to, if the teachers and school are teaching what they should & so long as they try their best then they can walk away satisfied.

So let’s just let this week be like any other week and naplan be like any other test, something you try your best to do and then move on.

Meredith – Tell your child to do their best just as they would in any exam. Withdrawing your child from the test unless they suffer from anxiety or have special needs is letting the school down as schools are funded according to NAPLAN results.

Dustine – Good breakfast and early night. 50mins is a long time to just sit there. 
Writing practice 
Intro body conclusion 

Narrative – problem & solution
Persuasive – I strongly agree or disagree
Picture – include WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN 
Maths – you have 1 min per question so don’t rush. At the end check your work and if you really don’t know guess. 2 out of the 4 should be easy to cancel out, so it should really be between 2 
Reading – the answers are in the text!

A dad named Paul shared this image on his page after receiving this letter home from School from his kids teachers.


Susan –  I didn’t make a fuss.. I did tell them that sometimes we have good days and sometimes we have not do good days.. Their naplan tests jus tell us where they were on THAT day.. and we love them regardless of a mark on a piece of paper..

Sara –  Absolutely nothing. The test simply assesses where the school stands… As always, I encourage my kids to do the best they can… But it means nothing in the big scheme of things… And I’ve made this very clear to them!

Sarah –  I’m telling my son that he can’t fail Naplan. If they tested creativity then he would be top of the class. Just tell your child to try their best 

Kelly –  Don’t make it anything that it isn’t. It is a moment in time test that does not reflect the true nature of the learned. It is a method of collecting stats for the education system- nothing more! Any school worth their salt has not been giving this any more attention than it deserves…

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