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Getting ready for school is not something you probably want to be thinking about in December haha but there are a few things to keep in mind over the summer break that can make life easier and cheaper for next year.

Some of the common things to think about are school bags, lunch boxes, school shoes (we always get Clarks as they last and are great value for money) and lastly school uniforms.

The good thing if you think ahead is you may even be able to mix some things into the Christmas pressies …

School Bags and Lunchboxes

A good quality backpack that fits is a must. If your school doesn’t have an official school bag, try to get one with a waistband that can focus the weight on the hips rather than the shoulders.  Buying a quality bag can be a good choice for something that lasts longer as they can get a real work out.

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My kids are very different. One is more likely to break a lunch box and the other will lose it long before it breaks! It’s horses for courses here in our family…. You will have to decide whether you go for a good quality item or getting a few cheaper ones depending on your kids.

Overall I like the lunchboxes with a few compartments in them to separate the food … but it’s a personal choice.

Sometimes it can be a good additional Christmas present especially if they want a particular type or a licensed brand.

School Shoes

Last year we went in and got our Clarks School Shoes professionally fitted about a week before school. We find they last really well and are school proof even for the boys. The biggest problem is them growing out of them. For this reason we leave it until the last week or two of the holidays to get the absolute best value from them.


We have tried everything from $10 cheapies through to Clarks, which we have found to be excellent quality and durable. Honestly by the time we factor in having to replace the cheap shoes, and the time and travel to get them; it has been much better having the higher quality shoes.

Below is a picture of my daughter’s Clarks school shoes we bought her at the start of her first year of School.  They are now 2 years old and our second daughter has been wearing them for fun this year as she has been super excited about going to school.  The shoes are still in such good condition that Miss 4 would have no problems starting the school year out in them to get the most wear out of them, before we need to purchase another Clarks pair.  I had always heard that Clarks shoes has a great reputation for quality, durability and lasting out the school year, and in my personal opinion and experience, I have to agree.


That is all aside from the fact that having shoes that are professionally designed and fitted is actually super important for your kid’s health. Their bodies are developing and vulnerable to being impacted by bad fitting shoes. They wear them for 7 hours a day or more! The team who fitted our shoes went through a 10-point checklist and were very thorough.

The Clarks checklist includes …

  1. WALK – Make sure there is no gape or slip
  2. IN STEP BAR – Check that any velcro straps are firm
  3. LENGTH – Just enough, but not too much
  4. TOPLINES – Must fit neatly against the heel
  5. LACING GAP – Room to flex and move
  6. ARCH – Keep foot supported
  7. WIDTH – Make sure there’s enough room
  8. DEPTH – Check that it’s adequate
  9. HEEL GRIP – Ensure there’s no slip
  10. BACK – Fit snuggly around heel


To check out where to buy Clarks school shoes visit the website.


Every school is different and generally they have a uniform shop that will only open just before school … but this time of year can be a good time to grab some second hand items from people who are leaving or have grown out of their uniforms.

Woman in front hallway fixing young girl's dress and smiling

There could be some local advertising or even an online community for parents from your school. We have both.  Uniforms are often available at this time of year.

I’ve even had success posting a WANTED ad on Gumtree and on the local noticeboard.

So have a think about a few things that could save you time and money over the holidays so you can enjoy the entire break with the family.


We are giving one lucky reader the chance to win a pair of Clarks School Shoes for their child.  All you need to do is comment on the blog post below and tell me ‘Why do you want your children to wear Clarks?’’

You can find the Terms and Conditions here ….

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