3 Top Tips Talking To Our Kids About Body Image – Phone Interview With Taryn Brumfitt


I was lucky enough to get the chance to have a phone chat with Taryn Brumfitt about her amazing journey of going from body loather to body lover.  

I think this is a massive issue that I personally have struggled with as many of you reading this will have as well.  But it does not only affect us it affects our children as well.

Below is a recording of a brief chat I had with Taryn over the phone (the audio isn’t fantastic but you can follow along ok).  She gives us mums and dads some good tips for talking to our daughters and sons about their body and how to start navigating the pressure and issues that come up.

Taryn has also just launched her first book Embrace: My story from body loather to body lover, by Taryn Brumfitt.

Sharing her life story and providing an important message for mothers, daughters, fathers and sons, Embrace, raises important questions about the pressures society puts on women to conform to a certain body shape, and asks what we can do to prevent this having a negative effect on the next generation.
A warm, frank and funny account, we follow Taryn’s journey from self loathing, to being a free-thinking exponent on the value and power of a positive body image.

You can check it out here





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