15 Teacher Gifts With A Twist (and Gift Tag Printables)



Do you want to give your Teacher something fun & memorable this year? Perhaps you need to buy a lot of teacher presents this year so you don’t want anything too expensive…

Here are 15 Teacher Thank You Gifts With a Twist:

“Thank you for your encourage-MINT this year.”

p1010106(Jar of Kool Mints)

“According to my calculations, you are a great teacher. Thank you for all you do.”


“Teachers plant seeds that grow forever – thank you!”

p1010109(Packet of Seeds)

 “Thanks for being my teacher this year. You nailed it.”

p1010108(Emery board & nail polish)

“Thank you for being a great TEAcher this year!”

p1010110(Tea leaves)

“You’ve been the best teacher this year, HANDS down!”

p1010111(Hand cream)

“Having you as a teacher this year has been a real highlight!”


“You have been a SCENT-sational teacher this year – thank you!”

p1010113(Scented Candle)

“I won the jackpot having you as my teacher this year!”

p1010117(Chocolate Coins)

“After all you have done for us this year, you deserve some timeout!”


“Thank you for helping me grow.”


“You’re a STAR Teacher.”

IMG_0350(Jar of Starbursts)

“Thank you for teaching me all sorts of interesting & wonderful things this year!”

p1010119(Licorice Allsorts)

“Thank you for helping us become Smarties!”


“You were the “write” teacher for me. Thank you for a great year!”

teacher-gifts-pencils(Box of pencils)

And as an extra special really fabulous idea you could get some of these amazing magic beans from Bean Me Up … the beans quickly sprout to reveal a special personalised message engraved on the beautiful plant’s central bean. They carry laser engraved encouraging messages and symbols on each side.

Check them out here …

fullsizerender img_1555 img_1671


You can download and print these gift tags here – Teacher Gift Tags Printable.





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