An Open Letter to My Child’s Teacher


Dear Grade 3 Teacher,

I’m not sure if you are aware how stressful it is as a parent at the beginning of each school year, waiting to hear teacher allocations.

As an educator you spend the main part of each day, almost every day, with our children. We entrust these walking, talking parts of our heart into your care and hope that you will be the right fit for them.

Because with all due respect for the profession and the great job teachers do, let’s be honest, there are some not-so-great ones out there. We all bear the scars of teachers from our own school days. It is inevitable there will be personality clashes, teacher’s pets and misunderstandings that build distrust.

Such things may be seen as character building, but those negative experiences aren’t what we want for our children. After all, a year under the care of someone they don’t get along with is a long time in a child’s life.

However, the impact of a good teacher can be incredible. You have the power to unlock a love of learning, instil confidence and above all, help shape a little human into a valuable member of society.

So, every time we face a new school year, I desperately want to know what my children’s teachers will be like.

Will you be patient and kind?

Will you be firm when they need it?

Will you make learning fun and interesting?

Will you take the time to get to know my child’s unique needs?

Will you communicate with me if things aren’t going well?

And it is with great relief that I can unequivocally say you do.

I honestly don’t know how. How you manage to look after the emotional wellbeing and quirky needs of 25 eight year olds, as well as teach them anything, is beyond me.

I’m sure that mine is not the most challenging child in your class, but he does need a huge amount of TLC as he deals with some “stuff”. The fact that you take the time to understand this “stuff” and are willing to work with me to make the most of his school days is beyond wonderful.

As the daughter of a dedicated and caring retired teacher, I know you leave after the school bell carrying more than just lesson plans and reports to write. You carry with you the trials and tribulations of each of your students. This is all on top of whatever “stuff” you might have going on yourself.

You may say this is all part of your job and maybe it is. But not all teachers share this dedicated approach.

The emails you send to keep me up to date with my son’s progress when he’s going through a rough patch often bring me to tears. To know that he is in such good hands is a huge relief.

I want you to know what a difference you are making, not just in his life, but in our family’s life as well. If he did not feel safe and supported in the classroom, things in our household would be very different. My job as a parent would be that much harder.

For every little thing you do for him, and all your students, you have my most heartfelt thanks.


A Grateful Mother



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