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On 4 January 2016, the Basic Postage Rate (BPR) increased from 70 cents to $1. There were also changes to business letter prices.

There were no changes to prices of concession stamps or seasonal greeting stamps, which remained at 60 cents and 65 cents respectively.

So why the big jump in costs?? Well this is the reason given:

“These changes are designed for Australia Post to recover more of the cost of providing the letters service so we can maintain our nationwide Post Office network of over 4,000 Post Offices, and keep the posties delivering to around 11.4 million points across the country.”

Delivery times

There is also a change in the delivery times … letters will take a bit longer in general BUT if you want something to get there faster you can now add a ‘Priority Label” for 50c to put next to the stamps. Apparently this will then give you the faster (normal) delivery.

All prices are GST inclusive, except for External Territories where they are as stated but GST free.

Regular timetable

Up to 125g
250 to 500g
Small letter or postcard 1.00 1.00
Large letter 2.00 3.00 5.00

Priority timetable

Prices above are for the Regular timetable. To send as Priority, affix one Priority label next to the postage stamp.
Priority labels can be purchased at a cost of $0.50 each from any Post Office

For ALL of the new changes, please visit the Australia Post website



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