10 Simple Christmas Gift Ideas for Classmates


After spending a year with your classmates, it is nice to give them a card and/or little gift to celebrate the end of the year.

Here are 10 simple ideas:

Unique to this time of year, bon-bons are a fun way to celebrate Christmas. Classmates can pop them together and retrieve the “goodies” from inside. You can pick these up relatively cheapily from most stores.  You can easily personalise them as well …. “Wishing You A Cracker Christmas & New Year”.


Who doesn’t love bubbles? I took a bubble wand to school pick up the other day to entertain my 2yo while we waited and was soon surrounded by 10yo boys all jumping around trying to pop them. These are available at most department stores for $1.  You can even add a tag “Wishing you a Merry Christmas. Hope your holiday “bubbles” over with fun!”   


Graduation Hats
I love these for students graduating. All you need is a tube of m&m’s, some coloured paper (matching your uniform colour would be great!), some black cardboard, a split-pin and string.  We have added on the year with stickers as well.


Personalised Class Word Searches
In past years, I have created a Word Search for my son’s class using his classmates’ first names as the “words” you need to find. You can easily make these through Discovery Education’s Puzzle Maker tool – found here.


This is a fun idea – simply write the classmate’s name and the year on a bauble with a permanent marker and they can use it as a momento year after year.


Furry Friends
Add a simple slipcover to these individually wrapped chocolates for a personal touch to a childhood favourite. We used Christmas paper to wrap them first and then added this “Have a Beary Merry Christmas!” tag to them.


If you have kids in lower primary a single pot of playdoh is still lots of fun for playing and creating.  If your house is anything like ours, you could always do with a new pot of “not dried out” playdoh.


Christmas Colouring-in Sheets
A simple colouring in sheet is adorable. There are a lot of free options online for Christmas colouring-in sheets. You can print out enough for the class, roll it up as a scroll, tie with some string and you’re away!


Lolly bags 
Small lolly bags with alternate red & green m&m’s are fun and Christmassy.
(The skinny clear cellophane bags that we used here are readily available online).


Biscuits with Holly
These are easy to make and handout to classmates on the last day. You can either make your own biscuits or use store bought ones. We have used white tic-toc biscuits here and simply added on spearmint leaves & a jaffa with white icing.


And as an extra special really fabulous idea you could do for students OR as a fantastic teacher gift you could get some of these amazing magic beans from Bean Me Up … the beans quickly sprout to reveal a special personalised message engraved on the beautiful plant’s central bean. They carry laser engraved encouraging messages and symbols on each side.

Check them out here …

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year – here are a few ways to celebrate the year with their classmates.




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