8 Simple Christmas Gifts Ideas For Classmates


We are winding down for the year and it is nice to give the classmates a little something for Christmas. Can I just say upfront, that cards and candy canes are more than adequate (or nothing at all for that matter!) BUT if you are looking for something a little different this year, below are a few suggestions:

1. Christmas Stamps

These are gorgeous. Available at Kmart for $5.00 for a pack of 26 these are perfect to give out to classmates.  They are self-inking stamps and each one is unique. The kids can use them to make gift tags for Christmas.

2. Bon Bons

Bon Bons are unique to this time of year, and they make gorgeous ‘end of year’ presents!
The best bit is the bon-bons give the classmates something to do together and a little take home gift as well. These particular ones are from Kmart also and were $2 for a pack of 8.  Winning!

3. Mini Playdoh Pots

This gift idea is probably best suited to the lower grades. These mini pots of playdoh are great fun. They come in a variety of colours, 15 per pack and are available at department stores.  We found some gorgeous mini cards at Kmart for $1/pack of 8 that have the perfect size Christmas themed cut outs for the top of the lids.

4. Colour In Christmas Decorations

These are my favourite find for this year! They are thin ply decorations that classmates can colour in themselves and then hang on their tree. They are just gorgeous and at Kmart now in packs of 8 for $5.

5. Plaster of Paris

Again, these are a nice DIY gift to give to classmates. You can bundle them up with some paint pots & and a brush and they’re away. Packs of 10 for $5 at Kmart.

6. Activity Sheet Rolled Up

This is a super simple one. Print out some Christmas Activity sheets for the class to do and either roll them up as a scroll and tie with string or we have put them in napkin holders here. These beauties were $1 for 2 at Kmart. We have made 4 fun Christmas Activity Sheets you can use – just click here.

7. Christmas Woodland Creatures

These come flat for the classmates to construct themselves and would fit beautifully inside a Christmas card. They are delightful and something a bit different. 5 characters for $4.

8. Snowman Poop

A cheeky little gift that your kids are sure to love to hand out : Snowman Poop! All you need is mini marshmallows, clear bags and our bag toppers (free downloadable here).

Hopefully this has provided some food for thought for your end of year gift giving.





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