2 School Fundraising Ideas Where 100% Of The Revenue Goes Towards Your Project



Sound good? Are you in?

Here are 2 ideas that we have tried and tested at our local primary school and they have both worked well. The best part is 100% of the revenue raised was able to be put towards our projects.

Your School may be looking to refresh some of the books in the library or update some sporting equipment – whatever it is – these things all need a bit of extra financial support.

FUNdraising Idea 1

You hold a raffle and the major prize is……drum roll please……The Principal’s Car Spot For A Week.

Yes please! Where do I get the tickets? If your school is like ours, parking can be a nightmare at drop off and pick up times. There are the people who have parked in the 2 minute zone (yes, you know who I’m talking about) and then there’s the car that’s taken up 2 cars worth of space….

What a fabulous prize! You would be able to leave from home a little later in the mornings knowing that there was a car space waiting for you for one whole week. Your kids will also love it because they can feel like a rock star for a week. It’s win, win.

The best part of this venture is that the outlay is basically $0 (apart from the cost of the raffle books) and you can raise much needed funds for your project.

NOW, all you have to do is get your Principal to agree to give up their spot…..which I am sure they will do without hesitation because that’s just school spirit, right?!  haha

school carpark

FUNdraising Idea 2

Hold a theme day where students can come dressed up and pay a small fee to do so (gold coin donation).

It could be something like:

  • crazy sock day;
  • mad hatters day;
  • 80’s day;
  • favourite superhero day;
  • wear your favourite colour day;
  • neon day (which could double as 80’s I guess haha); or
  • Hawaiian day (think hibiscus print shirts and colourful leis).

Theme days are fun to do on the last day of each term when teachers and kids are excited about the upcoming holidays.

Traditional Hawaiian floral necklace

Have fun!



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