A Mother’s Day Wish – If Only


20130206_121957_Hagrid_HasselIt is that time of the year again when the shops are full of Mother’s day cards, every shop is selling stuff but mostly not so useful items at ridiculous prices. Fathers and children are not only making/buying cards but also buying “not so useful”  gifts and making burnt toast with a hard boiled blue coloured egg and cold sweet tea – that’s my story anyway.

I don’t know about you but personally I love the idea of Mother’s day, only quite a bit different than what actually happens.  I would love a day where I wake up at 8:30 in the morning with just a cup of freshly made latté with a hint of Vanilla. No toast or anything to eat as long as when I get up, instead of all the bath soaps and slippers and musk body lotion (which I re-gift – please do not tell the kids – they will be devastated) I walk into a living room, void of any clutter including any pieces of paper, toys – lounge pillows nicely arranged in the way I like and when I stroll towards the kitchen get a clean kitchen and hear the words “Today we are taking you out for breakfast mum!”, with big hugs and “I love you mum”.  We get into the car and then we do not end up at Macca’s or a Shopping Mall for breakfast but we drive to a nice garden setting coffee shop either by the beach or in the mountains where you can hear the birds chirping away and smell the roses.  I still get the nice handmade cards while looking at the gorgeous view (I love handmade cards).

Hopefully you saw me in your mind’s eye having a day dream  because by now I will wake up with a pffff and there goes the dream.  I would however take the burnt toast, hard boiled egg and useless gifts any day as it shows me that in their own clumsy way, for one day during the year we get the few minutes or hours of feeling extra special… until we see the kitchen lol.

But can someone…anyone…please, very please whisper something about me not being a musk person….

Written By – Adri Van Rensburg


Adri is a supermom to two extremely handsome boys, ages 11 and nearly double digit; full time Engineering Underwriter between 8 and 4:30pm and loving wife to a darling husband? She is also the youngest of five children…….Did I hear whispers of being spoilt?  She has two brothers and two sisters, all of them still living in South Africa where she was born and bred.

She is a mum, sometimes full of energy, sometimes lazy, sometimes professional and sometimes not so much, sometimes friendly and loving and sometimes not so much but always, always proud to call herself Adri.



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