Questions to Ask at Parent Teacher Interviews


bigstock-Hand-of-teacher-holding-chalk--28926260 (Small)When going along to a parent teacher interview, particularity for the first time, it is sometimes hard to know what to ask as you don’t know what you don’t know.  One thing to remember is when it comes to your child and any thoughts or concerns you have about their schooling there is no question too big or too small.  Most teachers are happy to listen to your questions and concerns.  Many teachers actually like this because it gives them an understanding of where you are at and allows for some dialogue around any specific issues.  Before you go to your meeting, be sure to write up a list of the questions and concerns that you have. This helps you remember everything that you want to ask.

Below are some ideas suggested by other School Mums of questions that can be good to ask your child’s teacher … 

  1. How are they progressing with their learning?
  2. Do they have any friends? How many? How well does they interact with them?
  3. Do they stay on task in the classroom?
  4. Do they follow instructions?
  5. Are they able to follow along with classroom activities and tasks?
  6. What can you as the parent do at home to make the learning process better?
  7. Are there any areas of study that need some extra attention?
  8. Before you go to your meeting, ask your child if there is anything that they would like you to talk to the teacher about on their behalf. This will help the child has any concerns  they may not have been able to ask themselves.
  9. Be sure to tell the teacher any concerns that you have. If they don’t know what you’re concerned about, then they cannot address it.

Teachers often welcome questions and understand you are concerned about what your child is doing when you are not there to see it for yourself. This will also show the teacher that you are an active parent in your child’s education and make them feel more comfortable to address anything with you in the future if they need to.

Feel free to suggest any questions you think are good to ask below …

Happy school days!



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