14 Fun ‘End Of Year’ Teacher Gift Ideas



Ohhh, I have to admit I love this time of year! I love to be able to thank my kids’ teachers for their work throughout the year and wish them a happy Christmas break.  However, I also realise that there is a lot going on at this time of year and quite often our kids have several teachers to thank at once and things can get a little pricey.

So, we have set out below 14 irresistible and budget friendly  ‘End of Year’  Teacher gifts for you to consider:

1. Sunscreen

“Thanks for making learning fun – hope you get a chance to relax in the SUN.”


2. Nail Care

“You TOE-TALLY got me – thanks for a wonderful year.”

(Nail File & Nail Polish)

3. Honey

“Thanks for BEE-ING the best teacher for me this year!”

(Jar of beautiful Honey or you could get “Burt’s Bees Lip Balm”)

4. Bath Bomb

“You were da bomb! Thank you for a great year.”

(Bath Bombs)

5. Sharpies

“Mark my words, you’ve been a terrific Teacher!”


6. Hand Cream

“We were in good hands this year!”

(Hand Cream)

7. Chocolate Gold Coins

“Thanks a million. I’ve had a great year in your class.”

(Gold Coins)

8. Erasers

“The influence of a great teacher can never be erased.”


10. Notebook

“You are noteworthy! Thank you for caring.”


10. Ferrero Rocher

“You have a heart of gold. Thank you for being my teacher this year!”

(Ferrero Rochers)

11. Candle

“Thank you for being a light in the life of our child this year!”


12. Chewing Gum

“You are EXTRA special – thanks for a fun year.”

(Extra Chewing Gum)

13. Key Ring

“You were the key to my success & happiness at school this year.”

(Key Ring)

14. Bean Me Up Beans

For something completely unique you could give your Teacher some magic beans from Bean Me Up!
The beans quickly sprout to reveal a special personalised message engraved on the plant’s central bean. They are absolutely gorgeous!










We trust we have given you some gift-giving inspiration for your Teachers!



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  1. When you have 26 little people all making you something that you can’t eat it because of dietary requirements that’s a lot of wasted food and time on the parents side. Would much rather a handmade card and note from the child and parents than any gift. A simple thanks for the time you’ve put into my child this year is all I need.

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