18 Awesome Christmas Present Ideas for Teachers


bigstock-Class-Teacher-17290361 (Small)Oh yes, it’s that time of the year again. The holidays are around the corner and that means presents. It might be easy to shop for your husband, your brother-in-law, and even your boss. What if you want to show the teacher in your kid’s life how much you appreciate them? After all, they are partially responsible for helping your child grow and learn. So you know you want to do something for the teacher, but your stumped because you just don’t know what to buy them. Check out these fantastic gift ideas.

  1. Christmas Ornaments handmade by your child. This seems to be a favorite among most teachers. They like that they can hang the ornament on their tree year after year and remember the child that made it.
  2. Potted Plants. Add a handmade card from your child that says “thank you for helping me grow” or any other special message. There is nothing better than giving a little bit of life during the holidays.
  3. Movie basket. Place a voucher for the movies, popcorn, soft drinks and sweet treats inside of a basket and decorate with ribbons and bows.
  4. Layered ingredients jar. Using a mason jar, layer the dry ingredients that you need to bake cookies, brownies or muffins place a decorated lid on it, then make a card with what they need for wet ingredients(eggs, butter, ect..) and the instructions on how hot and how long to bake them.
  5. A cookbook. Everyone has to eat, you can choose to buy a cookbook online, at store or you and your child can make one with your favorite recipes inside, leaving blank spaces for more recipes.
  6. Homemade or bought candles are a nice touch.
  7. Fruit bowls are always a welcome for most teachers and they can share it with their family or other teachers if they wish to.
  8. Personalized coffee mugs. You can choose to have it done professionally, or you can take a white mug and have your child decorate, and then cook it to make it permanent.
  9. Scrap books. You can have each child decorate a page.
  10. Coffee vouchers are always a great idea. Even if the teacher doesn’t drink coffee, coffee isn’t the only thing sold at coffee shops so they can choose anything from that establishment.
  11. Calendars. A practical and useful gift
  12. Bath salts are a wonderful idea. Bath salts have a lot of healthy benefits along with making a nice relaxing bath time.
  13. Personalized sticky notes. Very practical, and very useful.
  14. Personalized journals. You can choose to find one that has their name it, or buy one and personalize it by hand.
  15. Herb oils. This is attractive, practical and tasty. Take dried herbs basil, oregano ECT. , and put it in decorative bottles with olive oil.
  16. Plastic storage container. Fill a small clear box the size of a pencil box, and put dividers in it. Fill it with stickers paperclips, pens, pencils and such, have your child decorate the outside. It would be a teacher’s best friend.
  17. A bottle of wine is always appreciated, after a long day of teaching a teacher may want to sit back with a nice glass.
  18. Chocolates. These are always a good idea, but make it personalized by having your child make a card and a poem to go with it.

These are all some wonderful ideas to tell the teacher in your life just how much you appreciate them. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, or even any at all, just a simple thank you to the teacher is worth its weight in gold. No matter what you decide to do, your teacher will know that they are appreciated in the hard work that they do every day.

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