3 Useful Baby Shower Gifts



These ideas are a bit out of the box but go way beyond nappies and 000 onesies! Your friend will be loving you for a long time for these thoughtful and intuitive gifts for her baby shower.

1. A Cake Plate With Knife & Server

This is absolute gold. Every year at the child’s birthday and a cake is required they will actually have a proper cake plate to base their masterpiece on and an appropriate cake knife and server. Every year people! They will love you for this one.

 Cake Knife & Server

2. A Magazine Subscription

This will be a much loved gift for the middle of the night feeds. Try and suss out their favourite magazine and buy a year’s subscription to it. When they do get a spare 10 minutes to themselves they will be loving you for this gift – and better still – it is the gift that keeps giving…it will either be the highlight in their week or month depending on the frequency of the subscription.

3. A Small Screwdriver Set

Yes, for every time their child receives a toy that requires batteries or in some cases you need one just to get the toy out of the packaging. You need a small screwdriver set handy.

Happy Gifting!






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