8 Affordable Christmas Present Ideas For Your Neighbours



You may or may not know your neighbours very well…but if you are in the habit of giving them a small gift at this time of the year, here are 8 easy ideas:

  1. Festive Lolly Jar
    To branch away slightly from the box of chocolates, we have created a festive lolly jar using Jaffas & Mint Choc Balls from Darrell Lea.
  2. Christmas Tea Towel & Cookie Cutter
    Something that they are bound to use at Christmas time, especially if the celebrations are being held at their place this year. These are readily available in most department stores at the moment. We’ve added on the cookie cutter as part of the gift wrapping!
  3. Christmas Decoration
    You can never have too many of these on the tree!  AND they are relatively inexpensive.
  4. Honey
    Buying a nice pot of honey for your neighbours is sure to be a welcome gift. You can add this cute “Thanks for BEE-ing great neighbours” gift tag to it if you like!
  5. Biscuits
    Whether you whip up a fresh batch of biscuits or buy some from the shops these will be popular! Here we have used the famous Melting Moments from Aldi and they are just delicious. We have simply packaged these up in a glass jar and added a gift tag.
  6. Plant
    A plant is always welcome and chances are what works well in your yard (in terms of climate and conditions) will work well in theirs as well. It is always nice to give a ‘living’ gift.
  7. Candle
    I love candles at the best of times, but especially at Christmas time. The one pictured here was only $5 and we have added some Christmas ribbon and a gift tag “May Your Christmas Be Merry & BRIGHT!”
  8. Hand Towel and Soap
    These are staple items in everyone’s household. This year, I have been buying Ecostore soap (because I love the soap & it comes in a great little box) from my local grocery store and wrapping it in gift wrap and adding various tags. For the neighbours, you could add something like “Thanks for being great neighbours – Merry Christmas!”.

Hopefully one of the above ideas has tickled your fancy and given you some ideas for your neighbours or anyone, really!

The joy is in the giving!



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