How To Manage all those Devices Charging


I am setting up a new cupboard office and the shear number of electronic devices to charge was becoming crazy! I hacked a cheap officeworks product for a solution.

Step 1

I purchased 2 x 3 draw filing units which neatly stack and are only about $16 each. (Lots of colours too – I used these Officeworks drawers)



Step 2

I cut a hole in the back (with the drawers removed) with a hole saw but I think a small coping saw would do it if you drilled a little hole to start. This was for the charging cables to enter the unit from the back.


Step 3

I replaced the drawers, threaded the charger cables into the unit and joined them with a twisty-tie. I taped them to the back too to stop them pulling out with gaff tape.

Step 4

Train the kids to actually use it 🙂




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Being a mum to 3 kids (one of them full time at home with me) and trying to juggle everything became pretty crazy.

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