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Did you know that nearly half of home burglaries do not involve forced entry? That is crazy!!  Growing up we were broken into on 3 different occasions so I know all too well the reality of burglary.  Even though this is the case I choose not to live in fear that we are going to get broken into again however I am aware that it does happen.

Living in a happy, healthy home environment is important to my family’s wellbeing.  Being a stay at  home working mum for the past 7 years has meant that I spend ALOT of time at my home.  It is important to me that I feel safe and healthy in my space.

I unfortunately suffer from allergies really bad.  Spring is the worst.  There are some days I can barely get out of bed and make it through alive as my level of irritability and feeling totally wiped out is insane.  Seriously it is like the worst hangover you will ever experience but it doesn’t go away and it hits you day after day after day after day.

I recently got the chance to flick through some of the great tips in Bupa’s Digital Guide to a Healthy Home.  Being online alot and researching for my blog I thought I had seen most of the good ideas out there but I was surprised to find some new ideas in the guide and found it really helpful and informative.

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For example I think it is a great idea to get some live plants in the house to help soak up the carbon dioxide and give us cleaner fresher air which has been researched to make you more productive and increase general wellbeing.

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I had never thought of this before so was really grateful for this new information.  I knew dust mites could live in my clothes and be one of the sources of allergies for me.  It totally makes sense that pollen can get into my damp clothes on the washing line in spring which can also cause me problems but I never thought about that until reading this.

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Spending a lot of my life on social media I had never really considered the above tip.  It totally makes sense that we should think about and be careful of what we share publically online when it comes to holidaying.  I know we are all too keen to show our friends and family what a great time we are having but it is just a good idea to keep in mind who else might be watching.

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I don’t know about you but my kids have run smack bang into our glass doors which sadly always ends in tears.  We do have markings on our doors but they are more at the height of an adult so a little 2 year old person would miss them.  Great idea to put some stickers at eye level on the glass doors for the kiddos.

The tips suggested in the Bupa Digital Guide to a Healthy Home are not completely random Bupa partnered with Professor Kerryn Phelps (Sydney University Faculty of Medicine), former NSW Fire Commissioner Phil Koperberg and Building Biologist Nicole Bijlsma to put together this super helpful guide.

I personally have shared some of my standouts but there are nearly 30 fabulous ideas in the guide and the great thing is it is FREE.  You can download it by clicking here

Nearly 80% of Australians believe their homes could be healthier, but there are so many unknown things that we can be doing differently to improve the health and safety of their homes. These top experts guide you through a real-life family home offering first-hand, unknown tips and tricks to educate you on steps you can take to make your household as safe and healthy as possible.

Written by Sam Shazzam aka School Mum


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