Try Not Being Inspired by This


This kid was supposed to get some time on the court but what he does with it brings the roof down.

Greece Athena High School basketball coach Jim Johnson decided to add McElwain to the roster for the team’s February 15 game against Spencerport High School, so McElwain could be given a jersey and sit on the bench for the team’s last home game of the season,[5] and allow McElwain to play a few minutes if Greece Athena got a comfortable lead.[5] With four minutes left in the game, Greece Athena had a double-digit lead, so Johnson decided to let McElwain play out the last minutes of the game.[5]When teammates first passed the ball to McElwain he attempted a three-point shot and missed.[5] McElwain got a second chance to score with a lay-up which he also missed.[5] McElwain then got “hotter than a pistol,” shooting six three-pointers and one two-point shot, before the game ended.[5] The final score was Greece Athena 79, Spencerport 43.[3] As soon as the final buzzer rang, fans from the stands stormed the court in celebration.[6] Wikipedia



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