10 Ways To Get The Kids OFF The Screens These Christmas Holidays


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bigstock-Kid-singing-and-playing-guitar-28881164 (Small)School holidays are looming. Some kids have up to 10 weeks over Christmas off school. Keeping them occupied and not having them sit in front of screens for days on end is on many a Mums mind.

I for one need ways to get and keep my kids off of electronics this summer. If they had their way much of their day would be at home in the air conditioning playing on the play station, an IPad, watching movies or gaming on the computer. I however have researched some other ideas which might help keep the kids entertained and playing outside:

  1. Slip and Slide: It’s an oldie but a goodie and my kids just LOVE IT.  If we want to get a bit crazy we squirt some dishwashing liquid on the plastic and the kids go flying down the slide and laughing their little heads off.
  1. Playgrounds: Again, Google will be your best friend here. I’m not talking the playground at the end of your street with the one swing and rusty slide. I’m talking playgrounds with full size (waste deep) pools, water spouts, pirate ships, BBQ’s, flying foxes and plenty of grass for the babies to crawl around. I’m talking playgrounds where you can truly make a day of it. If your kids are going to vacation care or Nana’s during the working week then find these gems for your family days and sit under a tree with a good book while your kids run free.
  1. Libraries: Libraries are THE BEST. Free books to borrow, free air-conditioning, free activities for kids and free to get into. Use your local library for some down time or a meet up with other Mums.
  1. Visit Santa: Find a shopping centre that is doing FREE Santa photos. Believe me, plenty are!!! Shopping centre’s often have kid’s activities over Christmas too. One word…Google. There are centres with petting zoos, face painting, Lego building centres and arts and craft days you just need to do some research to find what is happening in your local area.
  1. Sprinkler in the backyard: We have one of those old school metal round sprinkler that shoots out water in every direction when you turn it on.  Both of my girls LOVE IT plus you can change the intensity of the sprinkle via the tap which is great for both littlies and big kids.  A great way to cool down in summer!
  1. Carols In the Park/Christmas Lights: Google when your local carols are. Pick a night and make a family event of it. Your kids will love driving or walking around your own neighbourhood or others to see the efforts of some families that take great pride in their light displays.
  1. Baking: Get your aprons on and do your Christmas baking together. Making a gingerbread house is always fun. It can look great; it can look like it belongs on a Woman’s Day Christmas Magazine or if you are from my family it can look like you were struck by a sudden snow storm that included hail that strongly resembled lollies.
  1. Make your own Christmas Decorations: This is fun for ALL ages. String popcorn and cranberries. Cut up pieces of fabric into floret’s and string onto rope, glue striped straws horizontal down a paddle pop stick so it looks like a Christmas tree and add a loop on the top, glue pieces of scrabble letters onto a string with a loop (words like GIFT or LOVE) make really cute decorations, Thumb Print Family Gift Cards (cut up cardboard into gift card size and write TO: and From: Dip your thumb into some paint and put dab it on the TO: Dry then add Google eyes or draw a smile, cut a piece of felt for a Santa hat or decorate it however you like then write their name beside it.) Do the same for the From: If it’s FROM all 3 or 4 members of your family then do 2 thumb heads for the adults and use a pinkie for the kid heads. The idea is to have FUN.
  1. Have a Picnic: My kids LOVE picnics. Sometimes just for fun we have a picnic dinner in the lounge room with the kids and they think it is the best.  Nothing is stopping you from having a backyard picnic lunch or dinner and it can be great fun and an easy way to get outside in the sunshine.
  1. Invest in a Trampoline: 6 months ago we were lucky enough to receive a Springfree Trampoline for our kids. If I had to choose just one item in our backyard for our kids it would be our trampoline.  Our kids would spend nearly every single day out on the tramp and the benefits are so great for them!

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There are heaps of activities you and your family can do this Holiday Season. Print a blank calendar and talk about some of the things you want to do then write them onto your Holiday Calendar. Decorate it and put in on the fridge. Give yourselves things to look forward to.

Happy Holidays!!! Have a wonderful safe and happy Christmas and New Year…



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