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I am currently 2 days into my trip to Dubai and I am seriously having the BEST TIME EVER.  Partly due to the fact that I had a baby 4 months ago and have not had a chance to breath since then so being away from life as usual and having hubby with me to look after Ellis while I get to play in Dubai is amazing!

The hardest part about being here is seeing some of the best activities for kids to do and not being able to share that with my 2 bigger girls as we had to leave them behind on this trip.

Seriously people KidZania OMG!!!

There is this place called KidZania where kids get to come and participate in what life would be like having “adult” jobs and responsibilities but it is all set up for kids and is the real deal (as much as possible).  Kids arrive and receive a boarding pass, city map and cheque.  Once they enter the city they have to first go and setup a bank account and deposit their cheque and then they can access the money during their play. They can buy real things with that money and there are shops in the city including McDonalds, Baskin and Robins and the list goes on.



Kids have the option to choose what job they would like to do to work for a salary.  There are over 80 different roles to choose from includes surgeons, fire fighters, chefs, engineers, models, actors, artists, radio hosts, jewellery designers, mechanics and the list goes on.



All of the kids have a “Zupervisor” with them who assists them in whatever job they decide they would like to do.  This is not just pretending it is actually doing the job for real.  For example they have a TV studio so if your child decides they want to be a newsreader they can actually read the news and be filmed and then edit it to be viewed on TV.



We were lucky enough while we were there to see a fire happen (this was all staged) and the kids who had decided they wanted to be fire fighters come and put out the fire while the “doctors” attended to an injured bystander.  There were real life mini ambulances and fire trucks driving around and the kids participating seemed to be having the best time of their life.



It was AH_MAZING my two girls would have been lost in that city for days if I let me.

Ok so enough about what the kids would have loved!!!


We were told our accommodation would be the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai  and below is the pic of what we rocked up to.  I don’t think I need to say much more about that 🙂


The Culture

We spent yesterday afternoon exploring Old Dubai and the Souks after having an amazing feast today at the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding

Below are some pics I took.



DSCF0251 (Small)


This morning I got to go to the Burj Khalifa (tallest building in the world) and see what that was all about. p.s It was all about awesome!




Followed by a kiss from a shark at the Underwater Zoo in the middle The Dubai Mall in DownTown Dubai!



And then home to steal a kiss from one of my favourite boys xx

DSCF0270 (Small)

Written By Sam Shazzam aka School Mum

dubai getaway

dubai tourism platinum heritage shangri-la hotel bloggerati australia 1001 events



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