50 Family Quiz Questions to Extend Dinner Time


I’ve found that asking family quiz questions is an easy way to extend the important family dinner time. Since a recent trivia night at school my kids have loved quizzes and they are actually learning a lot.

It’s so good for kid’s developing brains to be challenged. It’s also good for their developing egos to get a few questions right. The family quiz questions also build discussion around some key topics. You can expand on the answers, or find out more together with your kids.

50 fun family quiz questions to answer together #quiz #familyquiz #family

Printable family quiz questions

See if your family likes doing trivial pursuit quizzes together too. Click here to download the list of family quiz questions . Or click on the image below to access the free printable.

Family quiz questions for lots of family fun #quiz #family #familyquiz

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Family quiz questions for everyone

The family quiz questions are created to suit families with kids of all ages, especially 4-12.  Even little kids will find a question or two that they can confidently answer (and won’t they feel great when they do!). The questions range from science, popular culture – including books and television shows, geography, even Maths.

Here are some of the questions included:

  • When you mix red and blue paint together, what colour does it make?
  • What is the King’s name in the TV show Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom?
  • What is the capital of Australia?
  • In the book series Hairy Maclary, what is Hercules Morse as big as?
  • How many stars on the Australian flag?
  • What happens on 25 December each year?
  • What sport takes place in a Velodrome?
  • Bees create what sweet substance?
  • What rhymes with sneeze?
  • What does a caterpillar turn into?

You can decide how to operate your family quiz. Perhaps one of the kids wants to be quiz master and the whole family calls out an answer if they know it. Or you might like to take it in turns to ask each question. You can also read the questions yourself, allocating each of the family quiz questions to the child you think suits it best.

Have fun with your family and let us know how you go!




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