7 NO BAKE Party Food Ideas


It’s often a mad rush getting the party food together.  Here are 7 no bake party food ideas to try:

Carrot & Celery dip cups

Avoid the dreaded double dip with these! Put some dip in the bottom of a plastic cup and then add celery and carrot sticks. We have used french onion dip here.


 MilkyWay Trains


You will need MilkyWays, Tiny Teddy biscuits, licorice allsorts and icing. You will see on the back train we have added on carriages using a musk stick as the coupling, another MilkyWay and some jubes as cargo.


 Racing Cars

On your marks, get set, go!  You will need Milky Ways, Tiny Teddy biscuits, Smarties and icing.  Use the icing to stick on the Smartie wheels and steering wheel and then just pop the teddy biscuit in as the driver.


 TicToc Teacups

Perfect for every party. These are super simple to make.
You will need TicToc biscuits, marshmallows, freckle lollies and musk lifesaver lollies.  Put it all together using icing and you have the prettiest little teacups.


Flower Biscuits

While you have the TicToc biscuits out, you can also make these beautiful flower biscuits.  Just add icing to the biscuit and arrange some Smarties on the top.


 Fruit Kebab Wands

You can use whatever fruit you like for these.  Here we have used strawberries, blueberries and watermelon. We used a cookie cutter to cut out the star shape in the watermelon.


 Ballerina Marshmallows


You will need a toothpick, marshmallow, a mini cupcake wrapper and some sprinkles.

Hopefully there’s something here that will help you out at your next little person’s event without the need for cranking up the oven!



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