4 Simple Wooden Peg Crafts to Bring Your Favourite Books to Life


I love reading books to my kids but it does get a little tedious reading the same books over and over again. A great way to refresh a book is to use a prop.

Props bring a story to life.  They involve the kids, keep their attention and expand their imaginations.

Here are 4 simple crafts your kids can make using wooden pegs!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This is a classic book by the brilliant Eric Carle.
You will need: 1 wooden peg, PVA glue, 5 green pompoms, 1 red pompom and some google eyes.


Instructions: Glue the green pompoms onto the peg in a line and then glue on the red pompom as the head of the caterpillar. (It is easier to glue on the google eyes to the red pompom before attaching).



Where is the Green Sheep?

“Here is the train sheep….but where is the Green Sheep?”
You will need: 2 wooden pegs, a print out of the sheep template (click here), scissors and a green pencil


Instructions: Print or trace the sheep template. Colour in the sheep with the green pencil and then cut it out. Add the 2 wooden pegs onto the sheep as the legs. You could also use the same template and do the red and blue sheep as well.


The Enormous Crocodile

This classic book by Roald Dahl is good for all ages.
You will need: 1 wooden peg, green felt pen, green paper, 1 green pipe cleaner, scissors, PVA glue and 2 google eyes


Instructions: Colour the wooden peg with the green felt pen.  Once it is dry add 2 google eyes at the opening end of the peg. Then cut a strip of the green paper the same width and length as the peg and concertina the green paper to form the spikes on the crocodile’s back and glue down. Cut 2 pieces from your green pipe cleaner to form the arms and legs, then bend them into a V shape.  Glue the pipe cleaner arms and legs inside the peg – one towards the back and one inside where the peg opens up.



Fancy Nancy and the Butterfly Birthday

This is a favourite at our place at the moment and we’ve made these fancy butterflies to match.


You will need: 1 wooden peg, 2 cupcake liners, glitter, google eyes, glue and a pipecleaner

Instructions: Put glue on one side of the peg and sprinkle it with glitter. While this is drying, fold the cupcake liners in half and then in half again. Glue the folded cupcake liners together to form a bow-tie shape. Glue the google eyes down the opening end of the peg. Cut a small piece of pipecleaner and fold it into a V shape and then glue it on as the butterfly antennae. Then simply clip the peg on to the wings.




Easy and effective ways to make story time lots of fun!



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