DIY Alphabet Flip Chart Tutorial


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We thought we would create a fun and helpful short video tutorial with a clever idea to help teach your kiddos their ABC’s.

Learning letters does not have to be a drag and there are so many different ways to engage your kids around this.

There are lots of apps and computer programs that can help your kids but we thought it was a much more creative and memorable idea to get hands on and make a DIY Alphabet Flip Chart.

Items Needed

– A clear working space

– 1 x A4 Sketchbook – I bought mine from Officeworks

– Scotch® Expressions Washi Tapes you can purchase from Officeworks

– Scotch® Expressions Magic™  you can purchase from Officeworks and Big W

– Scissors

Video Tutorial Below

As an extension to learning their ABCs with this flip chart you can do a fun activity where you get a whole stash of magazines and cut out objects that start with the same alphabet letter and paste it on the blank page above the letter.  Below is an example of a C.


We hope you enjoyed this video tutorial and have fun helping your kids learn their alphabet letters.

You can find Scotch® Expressions Tape at your local Officeworks and Big W (range varies by store).  To check out more awesome back to school tutorials to do with this fabulous tape you should check out the app housed on the Scotch® Australia and New Zealand Facebook page via this link (Australia) or (New Zealand)

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