Origami Hearts



Here is a simple and beautiful origami to do with your kids.

You will need:
square piece of paper

Step One
Fold the piece of paper in half diagonally. Unfold

Step Two
Fold the other corner diagonally. Unfold. You should have an X crease in your paper.

Step Three
Place the paper flat on the table in the shape of a diamond. Bring the top corner in to the centre.

Step Four
Bring the opposite corner all the way over to the flat surface, as shown.

Step Five
Bring the right hand corner up and fold it to the centre crease.

Step Six
Bring the left hand corner up and fold it to the centre crease.

Step Seven
Now turn the paper over.

Step Eight
Fold in each corner a little bit, as shown.

Step Nine
Fold the top points down to the folded line to form the top of the heart.

Step Ten
Turn the paper over and you have your origami heart!

You can use these beautiful hearts to decorate a room or give them to someone special on Valentines Day!



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