Why Involving Your Kids In Gardening Is A Great Idea


Do you dread tidying up your garden, having to deal with dirt and bugs? Or are you one of those enthusiasts who spend every opportune moment out there? No matter which group you belong to, it will be so much more fun if you involve your kids. And you really should!

Gardening can teach children about planning and organization; about nurture and growth and the importance of patience. They will learn to be responsible and their achievements will make them feel proud and failures will teach them about the impact of negligence.

Fun for everyone

Gardening is an activity the whole family can do together. Everybody can be assigned certain tasks and a plant or two to look after. Little ones can help with watering and mud work whereas the older ones can take on bigger responsibilities. Remember it is important to stay age appropriate so they are not overwhelmed and get frustrated.

Start inside the home

Think of indoor plants as a first step. You can buy them fully grown and the only thing you need to do is keep them alive. Why not start with a yucca plant? You can have a small one on a shelf or a bigger one that can serve as a focal point in your living room. There are twenty different species with various colours to chose from. Yucca plant care could not be easier, making them one of the most popular house plants. You can even divide your yucca by taking a pup and putting it in a separate container, allowing your kids to see the growth of the smaller plant as they continue to nurture it.

Another group to consider is herbs. They come in small pots so you can have different ones on your windowsill and you can use them for your cooking. It will sure make your kids feel proud that they are contributing to the dinner table too!

Explore outside when ready

If you think they are ready to go bigger, take the next step into the garden. Make a plan together, teach them about the importance of being organized. Planting flowering trees and shrubs is a great way to attract bees and butterflies, so they can also learn about the importance of bugs in the environment.

If you have enough space, why not plan to have your own vegetable garden. This would not only decrease your grocery bills but it would increase physical activity and also show your kids where the produce comes from, rather than just seeing them in plastics wraps along supermarket aisles. This would grow their appreciation for food while promoting healthy eating. And you would never get fresher and better tasting veggies anywhere else.

Gardening will teach your kids the importance of looking after the environment and there is the added benefit of being out in the fresh air where they forget about sabotaging your phone or playing video games. Such activities also teach them about cooperation and teamwork as well as the importance of completing tasks they are assigned, making them more equipped for life at school.

Don’t forget about sunscreen and appropriate clothing, as well as children friendly gardening tools. How about installing a bird feeder while you are at it? That is a whole new level of fun!



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