Should You Take Your Kids To See The Captain Underpants Movie?


Over the weekend I got the chance to take my girls along to a preview screening of the Caption Underpants movie so I could let you all know what we thought.

The movie is about a hero and his underpants. It’s about two boys who create a homemade comic book character that becomes real when they hypnotise their fun-crushing school principal and convince him that he…is tra-la-la…CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS.

I wan’t really sure what to expect from this movie and I went into it thinking the girls may not enjoy it that much as it seemed to be skewed a bit more towards boys.  I am here to say I was wrong.  Both of my girls 9 and 7 really enjoyed this movie and they rated it as one of their highlight movies of the year. They even specifically said they preferred it over Boss Baby.

This movie is called Caption Underpants so you need to be aware there is quite a bit of potty humour in it which your children will find very funny.  It doesn’t cross over into being bad taste and stays quite innocent but just so you know it is constant.

The two main boy characters are not the best example of showing  respect for authority but like in most children’s movies they do learn some important lessons about empathy for others and what really matters in a friendship. I think this movie would be fine for children 5 and up.  There are one of two scaryish fighting scenes but comedy is used the whole way through so you end up just laughing.

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