50 Suggestions To Combat “I’m Bored” These Holidays (With Printable)



It may or may not have happened yet…but at some stage during the holidays you will be hit with the “I’m bored!” comment from the kids!  Here are 50 suggestions of things the kids could do. We have made this into a printable so you can keep it handy, either on the fridge or noticeboard at your house and you can direct the kids to it when they say…“I’m bored!”

Here we go (in no particular order):

  1. make a mini town with lego
  2. run under the sprinkler
  3. set up an obstacle course in the backyard
  4. draw
  5. go swimming
  6. play a board game (suggestions here)
  7. make up a dance (this is one of my daughter’s favourites!)
  8. visit friends
  9. go to the park
  10. go plane spotting (details here)
  11. go to the waterfront and share some hot chips
  12. visit the library
  13. lay in the backyard and cloud watch
  14. be a bowerbird and see how many interesting things you can collect outdoors (feathers, patterned leaves, shells, shiny rocks etc.)
  15. set up a craft station – lots of paper, glue, pens etc.
  16. make a fairy garden
  17. start a holiday journal
  18. make a short movie (write, direct and star in their own movie)
  19. go for a bike ride
  20. do a jigsaw puzzle
  21. write postcards to friends
  22. do a giant colouring in (details here)
  23. paint
  24. bake something
  25. make a treasure box for all your precious things
  26. do a chalk drawing on the driveway or footpath
  27. build a cubby under the dining room table
  28. blow bubbles
  29. fly a kite
  30. read a book
  31. watch a movie
  32. listen to music
  33. phone a friend or grandparent for a chat
  34. paint your fingernails
  35. learn a magic trick
  36. skip
  37. play at a friend’s house
  38. jump on the trampoline
  39. hide something and then make a treasure map for someone to find it
  40. make a magic potion
  41. scooter
  42. make a friendship bracelet
  43. make a paper chain and decorate your room
  44. learn a simple origami
  45. blow up a balloon and time how long you can keep it up in the air for
  46. play with playdough
  47. dress up as your favourite character
  48. cut out pictures from magazines and make a collage of your favourites
  49. hula hoop and time how long you can go for
  50. set up the tent in the backyard for a sleep out

You can download our free printable here – 50 Suggestions To Combat “I’m Bored”!

Happy Holidays!






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