23 Ways to Connect with the Kids for a Stronger Relationship


Finding the time to connect with the kids can feel daunting. But if I can do it, any parent can. Here are my best tips to help you bond with your kids too.

IMG_5682I am the mother of three children, ages four to 16 years old. I run my own business and my husband works away on a 10/4 roster.  I have become a master blender; that means knowing what activities I can ‘blend’ to make sure that everyone’s needs and wants are met.

I have also become very aware of what situations and tasks could not be blended, as they needed my full attention.  I then created a very flexible routine around this.  It seems to work most of the time. As my children grow, I change where required to fit with their needs and values at their current age stage.

I will outline different blending activities that help me connect with the kids, as well as what I have found are full-focus times.  I will also attempt to age group, as there are different needs at different ages.

Connect with the kids: Activities for 5’s & under

1. Baking together

This age group loves standing on a chair, watching, stirring and touching.  Give them their own bowl and let them go for it.  They may make a bit of mess, however you have got your kitchen tasks done and had a chat along the way.

Connect with the kids - cooking and baking together

2. Walking together

Either pram-ing it or on their little bikes is a great way to get out, get exercise and talk about bugs, butterflies, birds and trees.

3. Get together with friends at the park.

Big people and little people combination time! This is a good one when you have gaps in ages with your kids. Even tweens find fun things to do at the park.

4. Reading a book

Don’t forget all important tickle time and share laughing. Kids of all ages love being read to. As the kids get older, they can also read the book to you.

Tips to help: 5 ways to turn your reluctant reader into a bookworm

5. Cleaning together

From about three, let them help you clean.  Give them their own cloth and/or bucket of plain water and guide them through the task. It’s a great way to connect with the kids and get the housework done at the same time. Result!

6. Sing and dance together

Cultures have grown old together dancing and singing the days away. What a great way to spend time together as a family.

Connect with the kids: Activities for primary school ages

7. Cooking dinner together

Both my older children can make a couple of main meals.  Very helpful on ‘make your own dinner’ night! Some of our best conversations have happened while we keep busy together.

8.  Revive your ball skills

Get out and kick a ball or play catch. Great for developing their skills and revisiting yours, and lots of laughing.

Connect with the kids - watch them at training

9. Watch them at training

When at sporting practice, catch up with new and old friends, take a book you have been meaning to read or listen to your iPod.  Remember to be watching them too! They will love to see you there.

10. Primp and preen

For girls brush their hair and style it, play make up and swap foot massages. Many boys love these sorts of activities too. Everyone loves a head massage, right?

11. Draw together

Draw monsters and aliens, or dream castles, or design the ultimate playground together.

12. Play video games

It might not quite be your thing, but a a video game occasionally for the sake of getting to know what your child is into is a great way to help you connect with the kids, where they are.

13. Old-school games

Play cards and board games that are simple and made for their age.  It can be a quick game or longer.  The point is to learn, laugh and connect.

14. Read side-by-side

Have a time each week where you all lay out on your bed or a mat and read.  Each one of you has your own book, it is just quiet time spent together.

15. Watch movies

Whatever is age appropriate, and really try (or pretend) to enjoy them!  Bring out the popcorn, blankets and turn the lights out.

Connect with the kids - watch movies together

Connect with the kids: Activities for high school ages

16. Afternoon tea

Afternoon snacks around the bench is a great time to chat about their day.  They probably won’t move while food is there, so you’ll have their attention.

17. Dinner and a movie

Classic date combo, but with your kids instead of your partner. Take them to movies they want to see, and make it special by going to a ‘grown’ people’s dinner place; rather than McDonalds.

18. Play cards and board games

It can be a quick game or longer.  The point is to learn, laugh and connect.

Fun games here: The Top 25 Board Games for Upper Primary Children

19. Just be there

The most important thing is to be there for your tween and teen.  Be present.  Talk to them about you and your day.  Don’t expect lots of conversation, however be open for it.

20. Window (or for real) shopping

Especially for girls! Although many boys love an amble around the shops as much as any tween or teen girl. You can decide before you go what the budget it. Window shopping can be very tempting, and kids are very persuasive, so be aware that you might not get away with a $0 trip.

Connect with the kids - shopping

21. Extreme days out

Try rock climbing, abseiling, swimming at a waterhole, or something in your area that is different.  Their curiosity will get them wanting to join you and join in.

22. Work side-by-side

Have two computers in your home office/work area.  When you have to work or check emails or the like, the kids can be there with you.  They may share what they are doing, ask for help with homework or talk about music they like.  This way, you can connect with the kids and still get your stuff done too.

23. Be the taxi driver

Offer to do pick ups and drop offs to their ‘goings on’.  Allow it to fit into your schedule as much as possible.  It is the perfect time to be in touch with what they are up to, meet the friends, chat in the car (they can’t get out) and show your support to their world.

With all my children I make time each day with each one (sometimes only a few minutes). I clear my mind and am completely focused on them and what they would like to talk about.  This may need encouragement, however they know in that moment I am just with them, for them, in a way that is meaningful for them.  I am all ears, eyes and heart.  This is the time I enjoy the most.

What’s your favourite way to connect with the kids?

Connect with the kids for a stronger relationship

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