Easterfest – Family Festival in Toowoomba


This Easter long weekend we were lucky enough to attend Easterfest in Toowoomba.

Regardless of the wet conditions, our family had a fantastic time and so we thought that we would tell you a bit about it. Easterfest is a festival that runs for the majority of the Easter long weekend and it has its roots in the Australian Gospel Music Festival. So you may guess that it’s quite a Christian event and focused around music and you would be right … but there are also lots of other aspects and ways that you can engage with the festival.


Firstly I’d say it’s not the type of event that only is relevant for churchgoers … And in almost every way it resembles any other festival that I’ve been to. There are rides and attractions, extreme sport shows, comedians, kids areas as well is music from every genre that you can imagine. The production and setup were absolutely first class.

It’s 100% drug and alcohol free and we found that it was the type of event where you can allow your kids to have some independence in groups and we felt very safe doing that. Obviously being a festival set up, you can choose what you attend from the jazz venue through to alternative and the main stage which featured Australian and international artists of the highest calibre.

Kids World

We spent a lot of time in the dedicated kids area where there were reward sheets, lots of games and free activities including rockclimbing, jumping castles etc. The children receive rewards for completing a series of activities and an overall challenge for each day and to be honest this took them in so much that we had to beg them and in some cases for some to leave so that we didn’t miss the whole festival.



The bands that we watched were very G rated and family friendly even if the style of music was pretty heavy on occasions. That was our choice but it was fun to see a band with your kids that you could both enjoy. We expected to not know many of the bands so we spent some time on you tube getting familiar with at least the big names and so the whole family enjoyed that aspect … And there was some amazing performances!



We will definitely go back to Easterfest as a family next year because it’s such a unique experience to be able to share with the whole family. If we attend a mainstream festival, then there is just no way I would take my children and try to find an all ages gig is harder and harder.

Since music is something that our whole family enjoys, and as our kids get older we think that Easterfest could make a great annual event for us to enjoy some music and lots of fun.




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