The Top 23 Most Desperate Things People Have Done to Get Chocolate In Their Mouth


1435534_18022037Chocolate is one of those things that when you want it you just have to have it.  I love chocolate and have done many a desperate thing to get some in my belly.  We asked on the facebook page what were the most desperate things you have done to get chocolate in your belly and below are our top 23 responses …

1. Ate cooking chocolate …. better option than worming tablets or so I thought

2. Ate the cocoa out of the shaker container that comes with the cuppacino sticks!!

3.Made chocolate icing and ate it all!!! Lol

4. Ate spoonfulls of nutella.

5.Hid in our walk in pantry so i wouldnt have to share my kitcat block. Had a good 15 minutes quiet time for myself while hubby and step daughter looked everywhere else for me. I will never tell my secret hiding place to them.

6. Took a block of 70% dark cooking chocolate out of the freezer and ate half……..then drank half a litre of milk to kill the aftertaste.

7. Thought Milo was the next best thing

8. Stole the kids Easter eggs !

9. Ate the chocolate laxatives..payed for it the morning after.

10. Ate the dog choc treats (I was a kid at the time)

11. When I was little I tried to sneak chocolate out of the fridge but it was beef stock cubes, tasted yuck

12. Made self saucing choc pudding late at night

13. ut open the empty Choc Ice Magic container to scoop out the very last bits!

14. Hubby has eaten cooking chocolate, out of date melted chocolate and worm tablets

15. Ate dog chocolate treats (pretty much made of carob so all good, lol).

16. Made a chocolate cake batter. And ate it

17. Walked to the service station down the rd in my PJ’s lol

18. Squirted ice magic straight into my mouth

19. I searched everywhere, finally found a half eaten bar under the seat of my car and after a quick wipe down I ate it

20. Put 8 spoon fulls of drinking chocolate in a mud with a bit of milk, made a paste… mmmmmmm

21. Picked all the choc chips out of the kids muesli bars!

22. Oh most desperate thing I have done is poured some ice magic into an Easter egg mold, chucked it in the freezer and ate the “eggs” 5 min later

23. Licked the chocolate off the muslie bars

Feel free to tell us below what is the most desperate thing you have done to get chocolate into your belly?



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