Shopping Centre Fun Hunt Downloadable


It was raining the other day and hubby came up with a great idea to keep the kids entertained indoors without spending any money.  He spent 10 minutes with the girls and made a shopping centre fun hunt.

The idea was that we went to our local shopping centre together with a list of things we had to find and do. Each of our girls had an old iphone camera with them.  They had to photograph everything they found as proof that they found it plus had to write prices of things if the requested on the list.


We split up with one kid going with me and the other with dad.  In a few years time they will be old enough to go by themselves but for now they had an adult tag along.

Shopping Center Fun Hunt Printable

You can download the PDF version HERE and the WORD version here if you want to come up with your own FUN HUNT ideas with your kids.

It really was a simple and fun idea that the kids loved!!



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