The Great Marble Challenge


On cold, wet or miserable days I am often looking for a fun indoor activity and so was a friend of mine recently.

He came up with a challenge for his son to get a marble from the top of the steps into a container at the bottom. The trick was he had to use as many materials as possible and he couldn’t throw it … it had to roll!

Genius! The 2 of them spent the afternoon planning, trialling and building all sorts of tracks, pipes and more to get the marble safely to its final resting point.

You could easily do the same to traverse a room, etc. You just need a reasonable decline … start them with some height so that gravity can do its thing 🙂

If you want to get serious, you could learn so much about gravity, friction, adhesives, materials etc and it would all be in the game which is the best type of learning right? Have fun.





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